Q. Emstells are you a professional make-up artist? 
A. I'm in love with make-up, but I'm not a professional makeup artist, I've just studied it by myself.

Q. Emstells what do you talk about on your makeup's page?
A. I publish my makeup tutorial, and I write my opinions about the world of makeup. Then I make collaborations with Audrey.

Q. Audrey what's your favourite style?
A. I love bon-ton style, you can use it in all over the times. My look is simple and elegant. I don't love the vulgarity

Q. Audrey what do you talk about on your mode's page?
A. I talk about the fashion's world, and I give my opinions about new collections and outfites.

Q. Emstells which are your favourite brands?
A. I think that MAC is the master makeup brand, but I think we need to try different brands.

Q. Audrey what's your favorite stylist and which are the brands you love mostly? 
A. I love french's mode, I love Coco Chanel, but I love Karl  Lagerfeld too. 
The brands I love are Liu Jo (for the ordinary outfites) and Prima Classe (I love the globe icon, it interpret another one of my passions: beeing a tourist

Q. Audrey do you have a particular style icon?
A. Well I can say that I've made my style, but it was affected by Audrey Hapburn, simple and elegant girl, and by Olivia Palermo, her outfites are always beautiful.

Q. Emstells would you like to work in a cosmetic company and/or test some new products

A. Yes, if you're a makeup company please contact me, I'll be happy to star a collaboration with you-

Q. Audrey tell me 5 things you can't exit without?
A. For my look I need my biggest sunglasses, inspired by 50's look, a big bag for day and a small one for night shoes like decolletés, they're perfect with every outfites; a red lipstick; a scarf that I use around my neck.

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