Who are we?

Leggimi in italiano

Hi everyone!!
We're two friends and colleagues with passion for mode and makeup, so we decide to join our passions and create this blog to keep you informed about fashion and make-up!!!
Hello !:)
I'm Audrey, I'm a girl and I'm 20
I'm in love with everything is fashion 
and glamour
I've got this passion since some years 
and it brings me over the ordinary 
shopping or outfites of the days... 
I often bought fashion's journals
and I follow all the fashion shows
and I read beautiful stories about great
I think the mode is the pure shape of art
and it infulece all the history
I've got a page on facebbok and one day
I'd like that my passion will become
my job.                                                                  - Emstells
I'm Emstells and I'm in 
love with makeup .
I love this arts in all its expressions
 I have this passion since 
I was a teenager but I've started 
to makeup myself since few years 
and now I make video about it on 
myYouTube channel. 
I think that makeup is magic and 
whit it you can show 1000 different 
personality. I'd like to work for 
a makeup company:)

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